University responsible: University of Vigo
RUCT Code: 2501121
Responsible and teaching centre: Faculty of Education and Social Work
Campus of Ourense
Degree Coordination Consulta Coordination
Branch of knowledge: Legal/social
Number of ECTS: 240
Duration: 4 years
Study plan: Consult the Study plan
Verification Date: 22/06/2009
Implementation Year: 2009/2010
Accreditation Date: 15/09/2017
Regulated Profession: Primary Education Teaching Profession
Specialisations: Consult Degree specialisations
Type of education: Classroom education
Number of entry-level places: 75
Languages of the Degree: Galician, Spanish and
English/French in the language subjects
Professions for which it qualifies: Consult the degree file
Entry and access criteria: Consult Recommended Student Profile
Perfil de ingreso recomendado: Consult Recommended Student Profile
Permanence Regulation: University of Vigo Regulation
Credit Transfer and Recognition Regulation: University of Vigo Regulation
Degree Report: Current report